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Hashem’s Upcoming Wake Up Call

There is Good News and Bad News.

The BAD NEWS:  “The world is about to take a steep nose dive and it will not know what hit it.”

The GOOD NEWS: “It is all a façade – a sweet cover up for the Geula – a wake up call”
The “nose dive” will be one thing after another in an “apparent” unrelated structure. But in many ways it will be the perfect storm of things being aligned. It won’t be total chaos yet, just a lot of confusion and despair. Israel will be fine – The” teiva” – the ark floating calmly in a sea of abyss, an oasis of G-dliness in a desert bereft of holiness.
People will be searching for answers. But as bad as it will appear, it will be much softer than anticipated and projected by others.  It is not that these mystics and Mekubalim (kabbalists with Ruach HaKodesh  – Divine inspiration) are incorrect. They are correct up to a point. What many of them are picking up and bringing down is what is “supposed to happen”. 

And at that stage, Hashem is not revealing His ultimate truth, whether because He doesn’t want it known, He wants Klal Yisrael to do teshuva (repentance), He wants tzaddikim to play a role in changing things or for other unknown reasons.  No one is perfect. Even the greatest of the greatesttzaddikim are not immune, as there had been times when Rav Kaduri – the head of the Jerusalem Kabbalists and the Baba Sali, indisputably two of the greatest tzaddikim and kabbalists of modern times had made predictions that did not materialize – at least in the physical world in a way that the average person could see in b’derech hateva (by normal means within nature).


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