Consciousness Shifting Program

Text Box: 			Shift 200 Areas of Your Consciousness & 
Manifest Change in:

Special Month-long Program for TEVET 


Our Sages teach us that the greatest light is hidden in the deepest darkness, and as we approach the Geula, we are now able to access this amazingly sweet light and by doing so transforming AV into a period of joy, happiness, abundance and connectedness to Hashem and the Geula. 

	  Reg Monthly Rate $250.  
	- NOW as low as $97 / month

Contact:	Chaim David Targan at (646) 389-3650 

Details of the Program:
Programs are Ongoing
Can join anytime and continue into the next month’s session

              So Maximize your growth and abundance
One Hour a Day Healing Work
Every workday of the month, you will be worked on with Torah-based energy healing work by Chaim David in approximately 8 –20 consciousness areas (such as “abundance or scarcity consciousness”)  to help you shift these areas.  By shifting your consciousness to be more positive, you will actually attract more abundance and happiness in your life… in all areas.
Over the month, you will be worked in in approx 200 areas. This is equivalent to approx 22 private Healing Sessions a month in time.

 As this is DISTANCE HEALING Work, you do NOT need to be present, either physically or on the phone for the program. Energy healing works over time & space, so you can participate and feel the shifts happening from wherever you are in the world, and you are updated daily what is happening.

Opening up of new Energy Channels
Previously only available to long term private clients, you will “opened up” to receive additional channels of energy, which helps increase consciousness and clarity.

“Rewiring” of your systems.
Also – only previously only available to long term private clients, this is included as well.

Daily Email Update and Consciousness Statements
You will receive daily an email of what is being worked on and custom designed consciousness statements for you to work on that day to help enhance the work being done.

Daily / Email Text with Energy Burst
You will receive daily an email or text message encoded with a burst of energy specifically targeting the areas being worked on that day.

A weekly update of your “Consciousness Scorecard”
 showing specific progress and areas that still need work

Group Energy Calls 3-4x/month 
and Healing Questions answered by email.

OPTION 1:   Daily Group Energy Program
                     REGULAR RATE  -  1 Month Only 	$250  
                     Includes Weekly Healing Calls

OPTION 2:   Group Energy Program	                          $97 / month  Popular
                     3 Month Commitment 	     (61% Off)	
                        Includes Weekly Healing Calls
	          Your credit card or paypal will be
                          charged monthly $97, and you can cancel 
                          anytime after the 3rd month

OPTION 3:   1 Year Prepaid	$73/month  (71% Off)     $873 / Year

OPTION 4:    1 Hour Private Session 			   $250  

OPTION 5:   COMBO 1 Hour Private Session 
                     + Group Program  (1 Month)
                     REGULAR RATE  $500   NOW Only	   $347 

OPTION 6:   COMBO 1 Hour Private Session                  $250 / month Popular
                     + Group Program 
                     3 Month Commitment
	        REGULAR RATE  $500            (50% Off) 	
                          Your credit card or paypal will be
                          charged monthly $250, and you can cancel 
                          anytime after the 3rd month

OPTION 7:    Single Group Energy Call                             $ 50
                      (available each week—besides the free monthly call) 

	25 Hours of Healing for the cost of a 1 hour private  for only $2
Money Back   If not fully satisfied, Get a Full refund within the first Guarantee:     5 days of the program

Contact:	Chaim David Targan at (646) 389-3650 	 			    


STEP 1:   Email Chaim David      
	        - Your Name
	         - Hebrew Name ben / bat Mother
	         - Email address to get the daily emails
	         - Mobile Phone# to get the daily texts


• Several Marriages


* 3 new serious relationships

• One person had 4 new clients call in 2 days

• Writer had the "gates opened up for him" to start writing

• Someone had 6 job interviews pop up.


• Another person – formerly reserved- literally started dancing on the court in
Madison Square Garden to a roaring crowd for 45 seconds.

• Average increase of 20-50%+ higher in Positivity, Abundance and Romance

• “Things started showing up for me from out of the blue”.

• “At the moment, I am feeling 10 across the board :)”

• “Am being more open and receptive to my greatest good - naturally open.  Afterwards, felt more at peace, cleansed & grounded.”


* “I must say I am feeling much more jazzed. Seemed it all

came out of the work from yesterday, the preparation for change.”


After a few days with this Program, One participant increased his abundance mentality from a 2 to  a 9 (on a 1-10 scale) and “all of the sudden”, new opportunities were coming his way”

Another participant in the program — after having worked on Gratitude — kept thanking his wife all day.. Creating a beautiful shift in Shalom Bayit





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