Free Energy Healing Calls

These calls have become quite popular bringing between hundreds of people on the phone together each month.

Each month has a theme, often connected to the energy of the Hebrew month or the energy of a holiday. For example:

“Opening Up the Gates of Elul”
“Bringing Down the Light of Lag B’Omer”
“Bringing Down the Light of Shavuot”

Torah Based:
Everything on the call is Torah based

What Is Covered?
While each call is unique due to the theme, usually the following areas are covered in each call.

1. Explaining the energy of the Hebrew Month

2. Opening up everyone to receive higher levels of Hashem’s light— bringing in more joy, abundance, energy and a closer attachment to Hashem – which is one of the major goals of existence.
By the end of the most people will be able to send light / energy themselves from their hands.

3. Starting the clearing process of Life-Long blocks, such as scarcity, fear, worry, anger, etc that are blocking you from reaching your potential

4. Bringing into your consciousness positive traits such as abundance, happiness, romance, emunah, bitachon, connectedness to Hashem, and dozens of others.

5. Relaxing energy to help clear your heads and help you relax


Are They Interactive?
While most of the call is lead by Chaim David Targan, callers have input into what topics / blocks are being worked on. If you prefer to remain silent, you need not comment at all.

Hope you join us, and May Hashem bless you that this call will be a springboard to help you achieve your mission in this world with joy, sweetness and abundance.

Privacy: Guaranteed. Nothing else is done with your email address

* The call is completely free from us, but based on your phone service, charges may apply as per any other call, as these are not toll free lines.
* This are not available using VOIP Phone


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Monthly Free Energy Healing Calls
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