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Private Sessions

Chaim David is available for private sessions to help you identify what is holding you back in reaching your fullest potential and in being the shaliach to removing the both removng your blocks and helping your create the right energy to attract happiness, abundance, fulfillment and meaning into your life.


As energy work can be done from anywhere, Chaim David works with clients worldwide by phone and Skype.


To book an appointment: Call or email Chaim David  at
Phone: (646) 389-3650





Gift Certificates

Many people ask if energy work can be done on a friend, a sibling, a spouse and others. The answer is that work can only be done with the permission of the person being worked on.

However, we have discovered that many people have found it beneficial to give energy treatments as a gift to these people—who can then contact us privately as far as what work they want to focus on and what areas they would like to develop.

So we have developed 3 packages of gift certificates



1. Private Sessions   $250 for one session or 5 sessions for $995

2. Monthly Group Energy Work
(one hour of group energy work a day)

             * Regular Price  $250 / month

             * 3 months $97/month

3.           Newlyweds Energy Work
—Ideal for Wedding / Anniversary Presents
             This is a spectacular wedding present as it is a specialized program to               help remove energy blocks between couples, enabling them to build a              smoother, more loving relationship from the start.
             ALSO Great for:
- Couples who want to get engaged.
             - Helping with Shalom Bayit

             * 1 Session   $300

             * 2 Sessions  $499