Feedback re Abra-Ca-Dabra Workshops, Calls and Private Sessions


"It was my pleasure to have Chaim David as a guest speaker at our Shabbatons in Long Beach and in Boston” He attracted a large group of participants— approx 150 in total—and the feedback I received of his Torah based energy healing was exceptionally positive. Feedback included the following comments from our attendees:

1. Chaim David is a Humble Klee or Vessel, who uses Torah together with psychologically sophisticated 'Guided Imageries,' the RESULTS of which can be felt when he so suggests, in what I would call 'pre-hypnotic suggestion.'

2. It is rare to find a Helper/Healer Klee who is both Torah & Kabbalistically knowledgeable.

3. In Addition, despite his 'protestation' that he is is Not Trained in Psychotically,' he is acutely attuned to the 'Attempts of the Unconscious to Self-Sabotage' any change; and to help deal with that, he assures those listening, ;that they are SAFE.' I found that profoundly wise.

4. When he 'suggests' one will sleep well, (despite any Insomnia) One DOES! May Ha-Shem Bless him.

5. In  his Healing work, he uses the Imagery of Hashem’s LIGHT and said it would continue all of Shabbat! And it certainly seemed that it did

6. Without Hesitation, I would recommend Anyone wanting to feel better Spiritually & Physically in any way.


                                                                                                                     - Rabbi Nossen Schafer, Sharon, MA


I had the privilege of participating in Chaim David (Eric) Targan’s Abra-Ca-Dabra Workshop.  I entirely enjoyed the experience on many levels.  Since it is Torah-based, I was confident in the content. Further, the Meditative nature of the workshop helped me to relax and be open to the experience.  It put me in touch with my deeper self, my desires, my feelings, and who I truly am. The workshop is about opening ourselves up to blessings from Hashem. I was engaged to be married the month after the workshop, after wanting to get married for many, many years.  I cannot recommend Eric’s workshop more highly. As with everything in life, be open.
Bring an open heart and mind…sit back…listen and enjoy!
Andy Diamond, New York, NY


“ I don’t really know what you did, but ever since your Jerusalem workshop, I have been completely happy in my life”

                                                                                                                        - Head of a major Israeli City


“Thank you so much for tonight’s energy call. I am so grateful that you are doing this. You are devoting your life to helping Bnei Yisrael heal and prepare for Mashiach. THANK YOU!!!!"

                                                                                                           - Rebecca Ness


Thank you for the tremendous help and encouragement you gave me for this very challenging first week of Tammuz. Water flooding from the sudden storms, leaking showers and toilets an a myriad of other tests. By installing your spiritual shock absorbers, I had the energy to bounce back much more quickly from all the shocking tests I had to face this past week.

Thanks for getting rid of some of my negative blockage, especially letting go of my own controlling ego. I worked much better with my relatives who came to help me. And special thanks for boosting and strengthening my positive energies empowering me to move forward in my life and to accept all the wonderful blessings that Hashem really wants to send me. It was a real inspiration for me. Unbelievable -  I thought the work being done was just for me.  Now I have hope that I can really grow this month.
                                                                                                                      - Roberta Flatow, Floral Park, NY

I must say, I was initially skeptical when Chaim Dovid offered to give a Kabbalistic energy healing session to club members at an event we call "JOC Day". Following a morning of hiking, the 225 participants choose from one of 9 different classes, and Chaim David's was far and away, the most popular one. Forty- five people attended his workshop and the feedback can only be described in superlatives. People described an powerful energy that permeated the atmosphere and subsequently felt greater balance and equanimity.  As a result, this skeptic now invited Chaim David to another event this summer, where he will headline an evening of spiritual growth and healing in Central Park.

Alon Krausz
                                                                                                                     Founder and President
                                                                                                                     Jewish Outdoors Club



I’ve been in your program for 2 months now.  It truly has been an incredible journey. For starters , your first open call tapped me into a spiritual force that I either never knew existed or perhaps was unaware of but more likely you were the spark plug. Thanks to G-d, and to you as His shaliach  If only I had written in a daily journal to account for the sojourn. The more I have committed myself to your daily exercises and surrendered myself (ego) the more I am able to cope or confront challenges. It is almost like watching a movie that reveals some mysteries behind my behavior. 

                                                                                                                     - Diane Fisher   New York, NY



I have been with the Abracadabra program from the beginning—from its workshops, healing calls, and the mnth-long consciousness shifting program— and my life has changed so much because I have changed so much.  I feel more in control, feel more hopeful and am able to hold the possibility of possibilities. I had been very stuck for years – think of crazy glue.  My life was stagnant.  I had no vision.  Could only deal with my day to day existence.  I felt trapped.  I am a former commercial real estate broker and am used to moving and grooving and living by my wits.  But, in the last few years, I just couldn’t do much.


I’ve been working on myself for a long time, step by step.  Slow process.  Like when am I going to have results already?  But with Abra-ca-dabra, so many issues are cleared at once, that I actually was able to start moving again, even physically.   The tools we learn are easy to use at any time, allowing me to help myself whenever I need to. I now have more control over my life, rather than my life controlling me.  I feel my real self starting to surface again.    


I’ve closed a deal, taken on a sales project, both of which just came from out of the blue.  A relationship that was a constant heartache for me has changed.  I now have the courage to ask for what I want, and  experience greater self-acceptance and self-esteem, especially in relationships.  I am more at peace with myself, and when I’m not, I know how to deal with it.  I also feel more centered and have a stronger sense of myself and who I am.  And, since I am experiencing more love for myself, I find that I have more love for others and receive more love back -- which I kind of like. 


Last but not least, Eric is wonderful.  Always out there, always supporting us.  Happily available when we need help, always a source of wonderful blessings.  Most of all, I feel I am closer to owning my own role and contribution to life.
- Susan Meth  New York, NY



it's good stuff....i went to one recently...very good!!!

A D.       New York, NY


Your Workshops have changed my life in a wonderful beautiful way. Thank you :)
             C. E.  - New Jersey


 just wanted to thank you for yesterdays lecture. It really works!

S H,       New York, NY


Thank you for the Workshop, I learned a lot.  I do feel better, more positive. 

M G       Brooklyn, NY


I see definite shifts in my interaction with people and my confidence in general,
when blocks do arise I have more presence and they are more in proportion. I feel a huge difference in my energy level and energy balance - the installation was definitely a success. Thank you very much.

D.L Passaic, NJ



I feel that this class really taught me how to be a better person and deal with my emotions. I look forward to more classes.
                   - RB, Brooklyn